Autodesk Inventor 2016

Getting Started with Autodesk Inventor 2016 professional training. A Practical Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills.In this project-based Getting Started with Autodesk Inventor 2016 professional training, you'll quickly have relevant skills for real-world applications.

Autodesk Inventor 2016

1.Autodesk Inventor

2.Basic Sketching

3.Sketch Constraints And Dimensions

4.Basic Sketched Features

5.Creating Work Features

6.Pick And Place Features

7.Advanced Sketched Features

8.Model Information

9.Feature Duplication Tools

10.Assembly Design

11.Assembly In Place Editing And Creation

12.Interacting With An Assembly

13.Creating Exploded Assembly Views

14.Basic View Creation

15.Dimensioning Methods

16.Annotation And Symbols

17.Bills Of Materials And Parts Lists


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